Tyrol – alpine animals, cultural monuments and sparkling treasures

Beautiful nature, stunning mountain scenery and a wide range of sporting activities – this is what tyrol is known for. Everybody who thinks, that would be all tyrol has to offer is insufficiently informed, because Tyrol is also rich in cultural offerings and historical and architectural highlights. The following destinations in Tyrol you absolutely must have seen once:

Alpine zoo Innsbruck

Zoos always are a popular destination for families with kids. The Alpine zoo in Innsbruck is something very special

Swarovski Crystal worlds

The fascinating Crystal worlds in Wattens are one of the most visited destinations in Austria. Since the opening in 1995 the area enchants its visitors with a mixture of sparkling crystals and artistic staging.

Fortress Kufstein

Above Kufstein the Fortress Kufstein rises – widely visible for everyone. In the old castle steeped in history there is a lot to be discovered and experienced.

Schloss Ambras

Above Innsbruck the impressively Ambras castle thrones in renaissance style. You will love to strull through the idyllic castle park with its ancient trees, the artfully landscaped duck pond and the associated playground.

Hofburg Innsbruck

The imperial Hofburg Innsbruck is one of the most important cultural sites in Austria next to the Vienna´s Hofburg and Schönbrunn Palace. Not only Emperor Maximilian resided here, also the bavarian rulers, the Habsburgs and the tyrolean folk held Andreas Hofer.

Silver mine Schwaz

Schwaz was previously a rich city thanks to the silver mine. It was the mining metropolis of the Middle Ages, because in its heyday 85 percent of silver were mined here, which was then traded worldwide.

Hofkirche Innsbruck

In vernacular the Hofkirche is also called "Black Men Church" Innsbruck - simply because 28-man-sized bronze statues watch the tomb of the emperor. Emperor Maximilian 1st wanted to be laid to rest here but on his deathbed he suddenly decided to be buried in St. George's Chapel in Vienna.