Rare, medium or well done?

The only Steak House in the Tyrol: the Auracher Löchl

We have heated up our lava stone grill and are now waiting only to grill your steak on it to suit your taste: rare, medium or well done, and up to 800 g in weight. Our kitchen team really do understand their craft and to improve their knowledge of steak, they have been behind the scenes in the kitchens of the best Porterhouse grill chefs and have perfected their work.

We are particularly proud of our steak from dry aged beef, which is one of the best steaks in the world.

The meat for our steaks is of course of the first quality and comes from a farm in Austria.
It is matured dry in specially air-conditioned rooms for about 4 weeks. This results in a maturation loss, giving 600 grams of fantastically tender steak from one kilogram of fresh meat.

In the USA this meat already has cult status and as the only Steak House in Tyrol we should not like to withhold this delicacy from you. With all our steak dishes we serve you herb butter, prepared to a well-tried recipe, and side orders of tapas, which leave nothing to be desired.