the most beautiful region in Austria.

Every province in Austria presented their most attractive region in the TV programme 9 places – 9 treasures. A winner was chosen by a vote from the audience and celebrities, and so can be called the most beautiful region in Austria. The Kaisertal (Emperor’s valley) in the Tyrol was that winner. And rightly so.

The Kaisertal is a striking cleft in the valley between the Zahmen and the Wilder Kaiser in the Kaiser mountain range of the Tyrol. Just a few years ago, the 36 residents were the last of any valley in Austria not to have a connection to the road network. That distinction became history in 2008, with the building of a new road from Ebbs, through an 800m long tunnel.

One of the most famous attractions and most popular photo spots is the Antonius chapel on the Kaisertal path in the middle of the valley, as is the Tischofer cave because of the 28,000-year-old tools discovered inside it, the oldest proven human artefacts in the Tyrol.

Due to its numerous walking and hiking routes, the region is very popular among the young and old, experienced or inexperienced alike. In order to explore the fascinating region, first the 286 steps at the start of the Kaiser climb must be conquered.

Many farming huts and farmhouses invite you to enjoy not only the surroundings, but also the local cuisine.

The Kaisertal can be reached in approx. five minutes from our hotel, which is open all year round to hikers and walkers. Take advantage of the opportunity to combine this great area with a night in our hotel, to discover the true treasures of Austria.

We are already looking forward to impressing you,
Family Richard Hirschhuber & the guest enchanter

The photo was kindly provided to us by Kufsteinland. Many thanks!

written by Auracher-Löchl Hannes
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