So many fine wines hidden away in our wine cellar

Our sommelier Martin can recommend a suitable wine for every dish.

From dry to sweet, from delicately-flavoured to fruity. We have the right wine to suit all tastes.
And not without reason, as you can read in the following story.


“The rich want only the best, the poor on the other hand, as much as possible ...” so scribbled an Auracher Löchl innkeeper or employee in the margin of a goods ledger in 1880. This subtle observation shows that, even back then, there was a close relationship between the wine and the establishment.

When it was founded in 1409, the Auracher Löchl was a modest ale house. At that time in Europe, there were countless breweries that produced beer, often with dubious ingredients.
This practice came to an end – at least in our region – when the Bavarian Constitution laid down in the renowned purity law of 1516, stipulating that beer may only contain hops, water and malt.

The first high quality wines arrived in Kufstein during the 30 Years' War (1618-1648). They were transported in earthenware jugs and came from far-away France.
The word quickly spread that “proper” wine was available in the Auracher Löchl.

At a time of sour home-pressing, this was something very special, but was only affordable to a few people. It was only in 1869 that the family owners realised that the future of the Auracher Löchl could lie in wine. They therefore concluded an agreement with vintners from South Tyrol: their wines were stored in massive oak casks in the rock gallery of the Auracher Löchl, enabling them to mature under optimum conditions. The original casks have been preserved and can still be seen today.
Some of this cask wine was later transported further along the Inn river, but the remainder could be served. And it certainly was served out. It was even necessary to employ a 'pump master' who pumped the wine up to the inn above using six pipelines, and who also supervised sales to various middlemen in the alley.

On a good day, around 1000 litres of wine of surprisingly good quality were sold. Since Richard Hirschhuber took over the management of the Auracher Löchl, this quantity has greatly reduced but the quality has, on the other hand, greatly improved. Today's Auracher Löchl guests are treated to a wine tradition that has been carefully preserved over many years. Not only Austrian and Italian wines are on offer here, but also fine wines from all over the world. The members of the service team really enjoy the constantly reoccurring dilemma of selecting the correct wine to accompany their guests’ favourite meals and are able to talk comfortably about the provenance and particularities of the selected wine.


Family Richard Hirschhuber, Sommelier Martin Gasteiger & the guest enchanter

written by Auracher-Löchl Hannes
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