Snowflakes and winter cocktails

The first snowflakes have hardly settled in Kufstein but our Stollen 1930 crew has once again already come up with some original ideas for you.

3 winter cocktails specially prepared with gin

1. Winter Magic

With home-made cardamom gin, arolla pine extract, apple syrup, fresh lemon juice and fresh rosemary. From the first sip, this drink already promises to fulfil all of your fantasies.

2. Tonka & Caramel Cream
This cocktail delivers an explosion of flavours to the your taste buds. Home-made caramel liquor, Irish whisky, apricot brandy, dark rum, tonka beans on top. NB! This drink is to be enjoyed warm!

3. Smoky Gin Pipe

The Smoky Gin Pipe tastes and smells like grandma's kitchen when she's baking at Christmas time. Cinnamon, vanilla and cloves. Home-made vanilla and cinnamon gin, blueberry sloe gin, smokey gin, lime juice and bitter orange.

GIN GIN in our speak-easy bar with the Stollen 1930 crew

written by Auracher-Löchl Hannes
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