Make a Wish

Christmas time is the time for wishes to come true.

But it’s not just Santa Clause who makes wishes come true, sometimes we here at the boutique hotel Träumerei #8, the wine tavern Auracher Löchl and the gin bar Stollen 1930 can help out too:
- You want to spend an unforgettable evening in candle light with a delightful dinner and no distractions with your beloved?
- You are a true gin lover (or want to become one) and enjoy a gin tasting in a unique setting?
- You live for breakfast and want to dig into our vast dreamy breakfast buffet?
- You want to dig into a perfectly grilled dry aged steak that makes you forget all the worries you might have?

All of that can be experienced with a simple gift voucher from us – give moments of joy made by Auracher Löchl!

Why wait? Order a voucher just in time for Christmas.
Still unsure what you want to give exactly? Call us at +43 5372 62138 or send us a quick e-mail at

Richard Hirschhuber & the guest enchanters

written by Auracher-Löchl Hannes
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