The autumn days are well-known for being the most beautiful of the year for enjoying one of the many hiking options and the views in our mountains.

Summer is over and the pleasure of a golden autumn and an Indian Summer can begin.
Especially at this time, our region provides wonderful viewpoints as well as innumerable hiking opportunities.

The best-known mountain with panoramic views – easily accomplished for hikers with a bit of training – is the Pendling with its 100 year-old Pendlinghaus (since renovated).
Or the ascent of the Kaiser, up to the Antonius Chapel or the Ritzaualm, surrounded by the imposing Kaiser mountain range. The Kaiser chair lift has been operating again since last year and provides the opportunity, until the end of October, for not-so-sporty hikers to enjoy the unforgettable mountain backdrop.

So as not merely to write about it, we – the reception team – personally go out and about every year to discover the most beautiful spots in and around Kufstein for you.
Whether it be the Pyramidenspitze, the Stripsenjochhaus, the Pendling, the Aschenbrenner, the Kaindlhütte or as most recently, the Ritzaualm. Nothing is hidden from us and we will always find the perfect hike for each of our individual guests.

The starting-out points are also mostly easily accessible by bus, rendering the holiday region Kufstein’s offer ideal. The Kufsteinland ticket and the special €1.00 bus ticket per trip/person.

If you are looking for something suitable for this time of year, then best have a look at the pleasures on offer. You can of course ring or e-mail us at and we will share some of our best recommendations with you.

Apropos the term 'Altweibersommer' (lit. Granny Summer = Indian Summer):
According to one explanation, the term originates from young money spiders that sail through the air in autumn. The threads produced by the spiders to float through the air on are reminiscent of the grey hair of old ladies.

We are looking forward to impressing you

Family Hirschhuber & the guest enchanter

written by Auracher-Löchl Hannes
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