...much has changed in the Auracher Löchl, the Boutique Hotel Träumerei #8 and the Speak-Easy Bar Stollen 1930 and we would like to tell you a little bit about it in this blog.

THEN…around 1409 the highly regarded landlord-family Auracher from Kufstein had a 90 metre long 'hole' in the stronghold's rocks hewed out. The temperature in this tunnel was only 8° degrees – the ideal storage temperature for freshly brewed beer.

NOW…The vaulted rock tunnel is heated daily to a comfortable 22° and contains one of the most unusual bar locations in Europe: the Speak-Easy Bar STOLLEN 1930 and the Gin-Museum. A must-see! Open daily from ...

THEN…the Auracher Inn was already legendary in around 1450, as a traditional alehouse for soldiers and officers, as a mooring post for fishermen and floats from the Inn river, as a guest house for tradesmen and travellers – and as a place for everybody to exchange information about anything and everything. The Auracher family has provided 10 mayors of Kufstein.

For 600 years the Auracher Löchl has always been open for its guests, WITHOUT A DAY OFF. The legend lives on!

THEN…although the Auracher Löchl was built directly into the stronghold's rock and the town wall, it has withstood numerous military sieges, two town fires (1703 and 1809), the plague, flooding and two World Wars without any damage. According to legend, the building is protected by several ‘good spirits’.

NOW…a multi-faceted and experienced team of staff looks after the guests today. Kitchen help and dish-washers are just as important as the sommelier and the chef.

THEN…the Auracher Löchl has been renowned for its excellent food for over 600 years. Weddings for princes and family parties were organised, hundreds of guests coming from all over were catered for every day and well-to-do prisoners in the stronghold's dungeons were also provided for.

NOW…you can enjoy the wonderful food with a clear conscience. Here, we don't cook with glutamate and ready-made products but we use local, fresh ingredients and we cook competently and with love. We particularly recommend the STEAKS!

THEN…vintners from South Tyrol have been using the the cool tunnel since 1869 for temporary storage before their wine casks were transported onwards downstream. In return, the fine wines could be served in the Auracher Löchl. The foundation stones for 150 years of wine tradition were laid.

NOW…the Auracher Löchl wine list of course contains regional wines but also delicious and surprising wines from all of the classical wine countries. Our sommelier can advise you on the best wine to accompany your meal.


THEN…the green Inn was previously not only a lifeline and trade route but also a constant threat. The Auracher houses were therefore connected by a bridge over which one could flee, up onto the stronghold's rocks, when flooding occurred.

NOW…in the meantime, the ‘smallest bridge restaurant in the world’ hides away here. It can be hired out exclusively for 2 people, including a 5-course gourmet menu and, if you wish, a nearby dream bedroom!

THEN…the 600 year-old, 90 metre long ‘Löchl’ tunnel was not only a storeroom for beer and wine as well as being a shelter, but also served as an access to the extended system of 'secret passages' that are present throughout the whole of the stronghold's rocks.

NOW…the rock tunnel now harbours the largest gin gallery in the world. At present, 827 varieties are on show that are not only to be marvelled at as museum pieces but can also be elegantly enjoyed. Must be seen and sampled!

THEN…from 1415, salesmen, craftsmen and travellers could stay overnight in the Auracher Inn – though only on beds of straw. In 1896 a guest house was built up against the town wall including stables that in 1920 became a garage for vehicles.

NOW…in the meantime, the guest house is well-known as the exceptional Boutique Hotel TRÄUMEREI #8, tempting its guests to go on a relaxing dream voyage around the world in one of its 34 lovingly outfitted theme rooms. Something very special #69!


THEN…when the inn was still a tranquil, well-behaved romantic hotel in the old town, the terrace cafe on the river Inn was surprisingly called ‘Donau’ (Danube). The wonderful sunny location on the Inn promenade has been well-loved ever since.

NOW…the new TRÄUMEREI #8 BISTRO is a safe haven, whether indoors or out, every day and the whole year round, for anyone who wants to have pleasant dreams and enjoy themselves. Not to be missed: the opulent breakfast buffet open to everybody, from 7am-11am!

Only one thing has not changed over all the years – the traditions of the house, to spend a pleasant while in an informal atmosphere, with a nice glass of wine, good food and a cosy place to sleep, so that each and every one of our guests continues to leave contented, with a smile and would happily come back again.

Family Richard Hirschhuber & the enchanter

written by Auracher-Löchl Hannes
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