Dreamy inspiration for tourists in need of some peace and quiet.


The season was long and challenging… understandable that tourists seek some down-time and a change of scenery during the break in their stressful jobs. If only it wasn’t for the merciless fact that the next season follows the previous one, so that the off-season time should be taken up with searching out new trends and strategies.

Why not combine the comfortable with the useful, the lateral-thinking Kufsteiner hotel and restaurant owner Richard Hirschhuber asked himself, and in so doing come up with the transformation of his old-town hotel ‘Auracher Löchl’ into a sophisticated boutique hotel called ‘Träumerei#8’ for the well-being of his colleagues.

“I would like to reach out to every tourist who likes to travel but doesn’t always want to fly thousands of kilometers,” said Mr Hirschhuber. “People who are open-minded, who can see beyond the immediate, and who are looking for a pleasurable atmosphere as a source of inspiration for their own work.”

The 34 unique themed rooms of the ‘Träumerei#8’, the adjacent traditional restaurant ‘Auracher Löchl’ and the world-beating gin bar ‘Stollen 1930’ didn’t lack anything for inspiration. For six hundred years this unusual place between the fortress rock and the river Inn has been popular by tourists. That the hot-spot has experienced a remarkable blossoming in the last 15 years, turning discerning guests into repeat visitors, was originally due to Mr Hirschhuber’s untiring attention to features and quality, making his business both distinctive and attractive.

The ‘Träumerei#8’ is the latest example that necessity can be turned into a virtue and even an inflexible layout can be made to play varied notes. After having given the building some live-cell therapy, the chic boutique hotel in the heart of Kufstein emerged refreshed as a ‘sleep-lounge’. Unique rooms, each lovingly furnished in a modern style with matured Tyrolean timber, unusual textiles and innumerable small details. Every room is different and each has been named after a geographical place, which itself is the theme of the interior decoration. Guests can choose whether to check into the Provence, Moscow or New York.

A particularly special highlight at the edge: in the ‘smallest bridge restaurant in the world’ (entry in the Guinness Book of Records) the service staff will only enter after receiving an order. A record player, a bed and a whirlpool furnish this intimate location, ensuring a perfect ambience for two.

Our special offer for you:
• 2 dreamy nights
• Beef tartare
• Mineral water tasting • 350g dry-aged-steak
• À-la-cart main course
• Gin-tasting flat fee
€ 259 per person

Reservation at kufstein@traeumerei.tirol

We are looking forward to welcome you
Family Richard Hirschhuber & die Gästeverzauberer

written by Hotel Auracher Löchl Admin
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