You are looking for a suitable location, an original pub with enjoyable food and good wine, an unusual bar for a successful end to the evening, and perhaps even a place to stay overnight.

About now, in the autumn months, many are already planning their Christmas parties. That involves finding a suitable location, comfortable pub, good food, a bar for drinks afterwards, and perhaps a place to stay overnight.

We offer the right place for celebrations of any kind in our traditional Tyrolean inn and rustic parlour. Enjoyable food and a drop of fine wine are also included, for example a visit to the Stollen 1930 and the largest gin gallery in the world.

And this is how your itinerary could look:
Visit – Riedel Glass in Kufstein followed by a welcome gin cocktail with us in the Stollen 1930, dinner with, for example, the Tyrolean Tapas Platter – different delicacies served in a pan with quark, accompanied by a suitable wine recommended by Martin, our sommelier. The evening can be rounded off in Stollen 1930, with the dilemma of which of the 829 (!!) kinds of gin to choose!

Why go home afterwards, when there is a newly renovated hotel with 34 different cosy rooms right here, and you can get a delicious balanced breakfast in the morning.

We would be happy to create a personalized menu for you, according to your tastes, and if necessary including a night in the sleeping quarters of the Auracher Löchl – the Träumerei #8.

We look forward to receiving your enquiries – you will be impressed!

Family Richard Hirschhuber & the guest enchanter

P.S.: the 1st photo shows our guest-enchanting team. We also indulge in a company excursion every year, and are excited to see where we will end up this time.

Insider tip: For anyone looking for a present for their boss, or vice versa for a long-serving employee – how about a night in our bridge-whirlpool-room?

written by Auracher-Löchl Hannes
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