Christian Häckl visits the stollen 1930

Millions of German and Austrian TV viewers know Christian Häckl from Lower Austria as RTL’s talkative weather expert.

During his latest visit to the Tyrol, he allowed himself to be hijacked by Weather Summit initiator Thomas Weninger and be taken to the Auracher Löchl and the Stollen 1930 in Kufstein. After enjoying a wonderful steak, Häckl was speechless for the first time ever when he went into the 600 year-old Stollen gallery. The gin-lover was lost for words at seeing the world-class selection of currently 880 international gins and the magical mixing skills of head barkeeper Robert Grama.

from the right; Christian Häckl, Robert Grama, Thomas Weninger

written by Hotel Auracher Löchl Admin
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