Best of ..... 2016

Let's have another quick look back to the past year 2016, the many things that occurred and the many changes at the Auracher Löchl, before we start the new year with renewed energy, élan and a whole host of fresh ideas.

We would like to start our blog retrospective with the most thrilling and exciting event of 2016. The conversion of the hotel from an 'old-town' hotel into the Boutique Hotel TRÄUMEREI #8. For almost a whole year we planned, made meticulously alterations and coordinated until the end product was finally decided upon and then realised in an almost unbelievable 7 weeks. Starting from the Tyrolean country-style rooms, 34 different cosy rooms were created using the theme; a journey around the world. In our hotel you can now spend the night in London, Australia, Hawaii, Las Vegas or one of 33 other different cosy rooms. A particular highlight amongst the rooms is the new bridge whirlpool room including a special table for 2 for a romantic candle-light dinner.

Enthusiasm has once again also been mirrored in the current guest reviews and a short while ago, we were awarded 4th place by the Connoisseur Circle of the best 222 hotels in Austria in the 'newcomer' category.

Over the course of the year, the number of gins in the largest gin gallery world-wide, STOLLEN 1930, has risen by almost 100 new sorts of gin; we now have over 830 different gins on offer for you. The crew with Simone & Robert & Donut & Rafael also managed once again to create a different 'cocktail of the day' every day of the year, i.e. till 31.12, a total of 366 cocktails. As you can see from one of the photos, our guest enchanter was also able to try one or two 'gin cocktails of the day' and they do all really taste good. For the first time, we put on a Winston Churchill Night in January and, as it was a great success, we will repeat it again this year.

Our traditional Tyrolean Inn AURACHER LÖCHL was once again able to delight several thousand guests with its culinary expertise during the year. Amongst them, as always, were many famous people. We refrained from selfies and so on out of respect for their privacy – with a few exceptions. We entertained the Norwegian royal family as guests, for instance, as well as one of the current football world champions from Germany, a Super Talent winner, several actors from the successful Bergdoktor series, song writers, singers and band members from many of the famous groups performing at Kufstein Unlimited and the concerts up at the stronghold and many, many more. As you can see on one of the photos, our Boss No. 1 Richard Hirschhuber (photographed with master chef Alfred Holzfeind) and host Martin Gasteiger help out when necessary.

The smallest bridge restaurant in the world was booked for 357 days in the year and the two coveted places have already been booked for 97 of the days in 2017.

To mention all the numerous and wonderful events that went on in Kufsteinerland would go well beyond the scope of this blog but we should perhaps mention the first staging of the Glückstage that, due to its enormous success, will be repeated in 2017, and the 10-year anniversary of the Operetta Summer, Kufstein Unlimited, plus many, many more. A particularly special mention should be made of Kaisertal, chosen as the most beautiful area in Austria by the TV programme 9 Plätze - 9 Schätze (9 places - 9 treasures). Well worth a walk, in summer as well as in winter, and easily reached in only 5 minutes by car from us.
Finally, we would once again like to thank all our guests, suppliers, companies and craftsmen, the building authorities, the Ministry of Finance, the health insurance companies, all of our patrons and ill-wishers for the – as always - excellent and sometimes amusing anecdotes from the past year that constantly spur us on to discover and implement new ideas.

A Happy New Year for 2017
, success, good health and may you keep to all your resolutions!

‘Till we see you again in 2017 in the Auracher Löchl.

Family Richard Hirschhuber & the guest enchanter

written by Auracher-Löchl Hannes
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