Many holiday-makers head south to Italy every year.

Despite the almost inevitable strains of travelling, many people undertake a car journey of several hours before finally reaching their destination.
Tired, exhausted from the energy-sapping car trip. And already trying to avoid thinking about the same stressful journey back for as long as possible.

We can put an end to that. Of course, we can't get rid of traffic jams or road works but today you could already be staying overnight in Rome, Venice, Sicily or Milan even though your holiday in Italy only really starts tomorrow.
Not possible? Oh yes it is, in our freshly-renovated Boutique Hotel Träumerei #8 in Kufstein.

Treat yourself to a stopover on the way to your holiday destination. Enjoy the renowned Tyrolean cuisine in our inn, a gin tonic in our Speak-Easy Bar, sleep overnight in the cosy beds from the Schramm workshops, be impressed by the breakfast buffet, and start your holiday as you would like to.
And it is good to know that you can finish your holiday in style with us again on the journey back

We look forward to impressing you!
Family Richard Hirschhuber & the guest enchanter

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written by Auracher-Löchl Hannes
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