A stay with us – full of tastes

Moments of culinary ecstasy and delight guaranteed.

Add a little extra to your holiday and spend some time with us.

Gourmet breakfast
buffet from 7am to 11am, Sundays and Bank Holidays till 12noon
Tyrolean delicacies and steaks up to 1000g in our restaurant
888 sorts of gin to choose from in the Stollen 1930 and a recommended gin-cocktail every day

We'll impress you!

Family Richard Hirschhuber & the guest enchanter

written by Auracher-Löchl Hannes
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Spring feeling and declarations of love

The only thing required now is the right place – romantic, thrilling and unique, where one clear answer is still to come – YES, I WILL!!
Auracher-Löchl Hannes

And this is how the day starts here…

.... following an overnight stay in one of the freshly-renovated cosy rooms.
Auracher-Löchl Hannes

Gindarassabum v. Churchill

Gin Gin – cigars and finger food
That is how we are starting off the first highlight of the year in the Stollen 1930 on Friday, April 21st 2017.
Auracher-Löchl Hannes