The good spirits of the house

Our staff are there for you at all times, to make your stay at the Auracher Löchl a pleasant one; they will fulfil almost every wish to make you feel almost as though you were at home.

Richard, Think Tank

Manages the Auracher Löchl since 2003
A person who does not only talk but also implements
Crazy ideas that bring drive and changes for the employees

Alexandra - Wife, Reception

She has been working here for many years
Friendly and helpful

Samuel, Junior Director

Already supports the family when he is not at school

Jaron, Junior Director

The boots of dad are too big yet

Norbert, the person for everything

Herr Dr.Dr. Senn, makes all errands from Kufstein to Oberaudorf

Lisa, Junior Director

Employed unlimited
Natural talent in gastronomy and our biggest support in the service team

Chiara, Junior Director

Is doing her training in a well-known hotel in the Zillertal
During events, she is supporting the service team or the team at the Stollenbar

Martin, Operations Manager

The charming Bruckhäusler who not only enchants the guests

Hylia, Chambermaid

Has been working for years at Auracher Löchl and is not tired at all when her day starts at 6 am

Ali, Loves our guests

Our good soul in the hotel and during breakfast
He is always in a good mood

Valentina, Reception

It's a pity that you cannot see her smile through the phone

Hans, Facility Manager

When he started, he still had long brown hair
Womanizer and an answer to everything

Ziba, Chambermaid

Always friendly

Hannes, Reception

"Cock of the roost" at the reception
Charming and friendly...