The story of the black cat

Once upon a time in the secret tunnel and wine cellar of the Auracher Löchl there lived a poor innkeeper, who had asked the Devil for help. "Lucifer, I will give you my soul, if you will help me and make sure that my barrels contain the best wine in the entire region!" The Devil agreed and the barrels were soon full.
The Prince of Darkness set a black cat on the largest barrel, which was filled with the best wine, and said, "This cat will always bring good luck!" Very soon the same order was heard again and again in the inn. "Bring me wine from the barrel, on which the black cat is sitting!" The innkeeper became a rich man.

As his death approached, he became afraid, sent for the priest and told him the whole tale. The priest took the holy water basin, went into the cellar, sprinkled the cat with holy water and proclaimed, "From now on you shall no longer be a symbol of the Devil!" An infernal whining broke out and the stink of sulphur pricked the priest's nostrils.

The black cat continued to sit there, as before, but no longer was it possessed by the Devil. Still today it points out the barrel with the best wine in the cellar, but now it drives out any demons that the Devil, who is still offended to this day, may try to send to our secret wine cellar.