The history of the Auracher Löchl

The Auracher Löchl has an old family from the Kufstein bourgeoisie, who lived in Kufstein from the 13th century and managed a brewery there, to thank for its name. The foundation stone for the house was laid in 1410, when an ice storage gallery (the Löchl or little hole) was driven deep into the mountain.
In 1448 the associated alehouse, bearing the name, Auracher Löchl, was opened In 1809 Kufstein was almost completely burnt to the ground. By some miracle, however, the Auracher Löchl was spared.
At some stage the Auracher family died out and their successors, the Neuhauser family ran the Auracher Löchl very successfully, until it was taken over by the Hirschhuber family.

In 1992 the Zillertal entrepreneur, Raimund Hirschhuber fell in love with the Auracher Löchl and purchased it. His son, Richard Hirschhuber took over the Auracher Löchl in 2003 and like his predecessors, he is keen to turn the restaurant into a hotspot known far and wide. Our resident musician, Karl Ganzer, with his song, the "Kufsteiner Lied", has made the Auracher Löchl famous far and wide beyond the boundaries of Tyrol.