Once upon a time...

Settle down in comfort and plunge into the exciting stories which surround the Auracher Löchl hotel and restaurant.

The history of the Auracher Löchl

The Auracher Löchl has an old family from the Kufstein bourgeoisie, who lived in Kufstein from the 13th century and managed a brewery there, to thank for its name. The foundation stone for the house was laid in 1410, when an ice storage gallery (the Löchl or little hole) was driven deep into the mountain.

The story of the black cat

Once upon a time in the secret tunnel and wine cellar of the Auracher Löchl there lived a poor innkeeper, who had asked the Devil for help. "Lucifer, I will give you my soul, if you will help me and make sure that my barrels contain the best wine in the entire region!" The Devil agreed and the barrels were soon full.