Hiking is always a great joy

The Auracher Löchl is an ideal point of departure for discovering the Kufstein area. There is something for everyone, whether you are someone who enjoys more gentle hiking for pleasure or an athletic professional mountaineer.

Kaisertal - Ritzau Alm (medium hike, Duration: 1.5 hours)

The first part takes you into “Kaisertal”. Shortly before the “Pfandlhof” you turn to the left. From now on conquer the relatively steep forest trail until the „Ritzau Alm“.
„Ritzau Alm” is a perfect destination for a further hike or break for mountain tours to the “Kaisergebirge”. „Ritzau Alm“ is known not only for its beautiful location, also for its excellent food.

Kufstein - 4 lakes hike (easy hike, about 4 hours) Pfrillsee - Längsee - Hechtsee – Egelsee

You start at “Morsbach” and go uphill through the forest to the “Pfrillsee”. Along the shore until the “Thierseestraße”. After crossing the road you reach the idyllic “Längsee”. At its shore you go along until the „Hechtsee“. On a wide forest road you get to the “Egelsee”, which offers an abundance of wildlife and flora. To get back to the parking lot of the “Hechtsee” just turn right. To get back to Kufstein walk a few meters along the main road and soon turn right to the forest path to Kufstein.